Domestic Precious Logistics

Erbay Security Services provides insured transportation of valuable cargo to anywhere in Turkey through its extensive branch network. Erbay offers next-day delivery services to most parts of Turkey, handling your valuable cargoes with jeweler precision. Parcels received from Erbay security offices or addresses are carefully sealed in bags and delivered to addresses via night flights.


International Cargo

Erbay Security Services, specialized in valuable product logistics, is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) cargo agent. Through contracted airlines, shipments of banknotes, gold, precious stones, and other valuable cargo are transported securely from door to door or from door to airport, fully insured, to anywhere in the world. Erbay Security, operating under its own brand in Turkey and Dubai, continues its services through agents representing the world's safest and most qualified companies.


Fair Services

Erbay Security specializes in handling and transporting goods for jewelry fairs, primarily the Istanbul Jewelry Fair and the Dubai Jewelry Fair. They ensure the timely and precise delivery of products from the customer to the fairground. Additionally, Erbay Security acts as a partner in meeting the customer's needs by providing services such as tailored security arrangements and fair insurance, according to the customer's requirements.


Safekeeping Service

Erbay Security Services provides its customers with a safekeeping service in highly secure safes, each individually located in secure areas and fully insured. Erbay Security ensures the protection of these safes with special locking systems, while also monitoring them 24/7 through CCTV surveillance from its central control center.


Secure Transportation

Erbay Security Services continuously trains its security team to mitigate any risks and ensure the safe delivery of entrusted items from customers. These training programs aim to guarantee the safest possible delivery of transported goods to their recipients. Moreover, transfers of valuable items, conducted with high-level armored vehicles equipped with additional security measures meeting global standards, are monitored via cameras 24/7 from a central monitoring center. Additionally, Erbay Security Services utilizes GPS systems to maintain continuous tracking of valuable cargo from the moment of pickup until delivery, ensuring constant monitoring throughout the transportation process.


Fast and Convenient

Erbay Security Services has an operation center designed to ensure uninterrupted communication with customers 24/7. Job orders received from customers are promptly and efficiently processed without delay, swiftly planned for pickup, and delivered to the recipient as quickly as possible. Erbay has designed all operational processes based on this principle, making it their goal to provide the fastest service to their customers. Additionally, communication, packaging, and transportation are planned with maximum practicality in mind.



Erbay Security Services, originating from within the jewelry industry, approaches the transportation of its products with the utmost sensitivity. It ensures the highest level of sensitivity in both packaging and transportation to prevent products from being crushed, broken, or exposed to moisture, among other potential risks. Erbay extends this system, developed for the jewelry sector, to its transportation services outside the jewelry industry, taking advanced precautions for every shipment.


Fully Insured

The transportation services provided by Erbay Security Services are insured by the most prestigious Lloyd's insurance companies based in London. These companies specialize in CIT (Cash-in-Transit) and VIT (Valuables-in-Transit) transportation and provide insurance services to the most reputable valuable product logistics companies worldwide.


Approaching Precious Cargo Logistics with Jeweler Precision

Valuable Logistics from Turkey and Dubai to Worldwide

Door-to-Door Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation

Through experienced security personnel, with high-standard equipment and process management

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Fast and Practical

Boutique service approach in valuable logistics with the fastest communication and service guarantee tailored to your needs

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Transportation with sensitivity, especially for jewelry, precious stones, gold, and banknotes.

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Fully Insured

All risks are insured by Lloyd's insurance companies based in London.

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Erbay Security How is Valuable Product Logistics Done Safely

Erbay, adapting to the dynamics of the jewelry and currency exchange sectors in the best possible way, extends these high standards to all valuable logistics customers, including banking.

Erbay Security Services, born from within the jewelry sector, is the only secure logistics company that has transformed the needs of the jewelry industry into its business model. It is aware of the importance of the time spent during the transportation of valuable cargo in valuable product logistics. Additionally, it has internalized that damages that may occur during transportation can sometimes lead to losses that cannot be measured solely in monetary terms, and has accordingly structured all its processes.

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